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Our service is fast and easy to use. Simply fill out the Patient Information Form (sample), which we provide, and mail, fax, or upload it to us via our secure FTP web site (along with a scanned copy of the CMN if required). This form contains all of the necessary information for us to process the claim. We screen all claims that we receive, and if a claim is missing information, or will "not fly", we notify you.

The following day we download an edit report from Medicare (sample) showing your claims were successfully transmitted. We also download a "summary page" (sample) of all of your claims in the Medicare computer system and fax these reports to you 3 times a week. All payments from Medicare and other payers are sent directly to you. We receive electronic copies of your EOB's from Medicare. You would only need to forward to us EOB's from other payers and notify us of patient payments to enable us to post those payments you have received. At the beginning of every month, we send you 4 basic reports that reflect the past month activity: A/R, cash receipts, sales analysis, and a rental analysis report. We will invoice you monthly for claims paid to you in the previous period.

Our goal is to process clean claims the first time. Since we work on a contingency fee basis, if you don't get paid, we don't get paid. You can expect payment on the majority of your claims within 30 days.


Our fee is competitive and is based on services required. There are usually no up-front fees or set-up charges. All payments from Medicare and other payers come directly to you. You are billed monthly by Allegro for claims processed the previous month. Call us to discuss how we can meet your particular needs.

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