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Allegro Medical Billing is a professional Durable Medical Equipment - DME Billing Service, certified in all four DMERCs. We will get your DME claims paid, on time, every time. Unlike some service bureaus that started out with physician billing and tried to enter the DME market, Allegro has always been a primary DME billing service. It is our only business. The fee is on a sliding scale based on a percentage of monies collected, with 8% being the highest charge. As DME claim volume increases, the fee will decrease, and the actual fee will end up being a function of the level of complexity that the client requires in their DME billing.

Allegro Introduces Revolutionary Client Internet System

Wednesday, November 19th, 2004 - Allegro Medical Billing, a premier DME Billing Service, unveiled its latest innovation this week with the launch of a new Internet-based Patient A/R Inquiry program. This new system provides clients with a secure facility to view current DME billing information directly out of Allegro’s in-house database. Clients can log in and retrieve information about the account balances for their patients, as well as view all DME payment data from various insurance companies. This addition to the firm’s suite of services firmly establishes Allegro as an industry leader in the field of DME Billing.

"We’re always looking for more efficient ways to share real time data with our clients. We believe that keeping on top of the latest technology available is the best way to meet our clients needs." - Ward Cook, President and CEO

The Patient A/R Inquiry System is available to Allegro’s clients for a nominal charge based on usage. To learn more about Allegro’s DME Billing Services, call 1-800-813-2773

- Press Release, Tampa, FL, Thursday, November 19th, 2004

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